The address of a reputable and quality powdered cereal processing factory in the North Viet Nam

Currently, the trend of people’s health care is increasing after the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic, weakening the resistance of many people. Therefore, functional foods are getting more and more attention, and powdered food supplements are also very well-received and trusted. However, the functional food processing service in our country has many establishments that are not reputable and meet GMP standards. This makes many Bosses worry the most when cooperating and developing their own brand not knowing where is the safe processing address for food products in the form of powder. Let’s learn more about food supplements in the form of powdered nuggets with Nature Pharma and how to choose the proper manufacturer for your production criteria!

  1. What is a powdered functional food?

Powdered functional foods are dietary supplements produced in solid, dry, and loose fo, rm. Particularly, the powder form is prepared from one or more different powders (which are extracted from active ingredients or natural herbal extracts) which can be determined by mixing the powdered materials into a homogeneous mixture. Functional foods prepared in this form are most popular when used for oral or external consumption.

The great advantage of this dosage form lies in the simple preparation technique, which does not require complicated production processes. Since it is a solid dosage form, it is easy to pack and transport. Less affected, more incompatible than liquid forms, so it can be mixed with different types of active ingredients, co-occurring in the same research formula.

The preparation process should make the semi-finished product unaffected by heat, humidity, and compression; because modern machinery technology helps to maintain a safe and durable storage environment; suitable for active ingredients that are easily hydrolyzed, easily oxidized, and degraded during production.

Due to the large contact area of ​​the powdered functional food, the product is not affected by compression and the excipients have high adhesion, so it is easy to dissolve and release the active ingredient completely, so it is more effective than other products. conventional solid form.

Thanks to the large contact area, this powder is very sensitive under humid environments, so the packaging must have excellent moisture resistance, some sensitive herbs are produced in closed vacuum packaging. , to limit the contact space of the active substance with air and water vapor.

  1. What is functional food in the form of nuggets?

Functional food in the form of nuggets is a dietary supplement prepared in solid form, in which there are active powder and adhesive excipients that help form small porous particles with a radius of about 0.5-1 cm. This dosage form is especially suitable for children.

The form of nuggets possesses many of the same advantages as the powder form, but the preliminary processing technique is more complicated, and the preparation of the active ingredients may be affected by factors such as high temperature and humidity in the environment. certain stages.

  1. Process of processing and producing powdered food supplements

The processing process for the production of functional foods in the form of powdered nuggets must comply with the general GMP standard, which is performed sequentially according to the following steps:

  • Prepare ingredients, packaging, stamps, and labels:

We screen and select reputable raw material suppliers to ensure that input materials meet GACP standards.

Reviewing CA, and CO certification documents and announced quality criteria of raw materials such as microbiological criteria and assessment of heavy metals… Checking the quantity and origin of imported batches of raw materials..

  • f raw materials: After being transported to the warehouse, raw materials will be tested and accepted for test samples according to the previously published general standards. Raw materials after being tested to meet 100% safety standards will be put into the production area. If not, the factory will immediately stop cooperating with the raw material supplier.
  • In charge of processing, production, weighing herbs, and sorting into separate batches of ingredients. Then put it into the spray dryer to form granules, then mix it outside to suit each dosage form
  • Carry out packaging bags with the automatic packaging machine
  • Canning the final product, cartooning
  • Request to check the date: Production batch, production date, expiry date, and full labels are affixed on the surface of the box in accordance following the ions and packaging regulations of each product, ensuring food hygiene and safety. Current product.
  • Final testing for finished products: Collecting samples of packaged finished products, and taking them for final testing to help ensure that the products definitely pass the norm, quality, and safety.
  • Enter the product warehouse, save the test sample, and save the authentication result file
  • Deliver products to customers

Each step in the processing and manufacturing process of powdered nuggets is strictly controlled to ensure the best quality for the final product output.

Nature Hoa Binh is constantly researching exclusive formulas, helping to develop & create the best quality products. We are always committed to the effectiveness, safety, and quality of products for long-term cooperation with brands across the country with a diverse source of medicinal herbs, which have been clinically tested, licensed, and certified by the Ministry of Health. and food safety department.

Nature Pharma Functional Food Factory is proud to be the leading GMP-certified unit in Vietnam, providing professional and prestigious services in the field of functional Food production. Contact us for preferential advice on processing functional foods at Nature Pharma Hoa Binh.

NATURE PHARMA – Nature Hoa Binh Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

  • Representative Office: Lis Group,Liền kề 16-19, Khu đô thị mới An Hưng, Phường La Khê, Hà Đông Dicstrict, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam
  • Factory:KCN Bờ Trái Sông Đà, Phường Hữu Nghị, Thành phố Hoà Bình, Hòa Bình City, Viet Nam
  • Hotline:0989386863


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