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It can be seen that the trend of consuming functional foods in the past 10 years has increased significantly because of the great uses that functional foods bring such as supporting the function of the human body, increasing resistance. , reduce the risk of disease and supplement essential nutrients that the human body cannot synthesize on its own. Therefore, the functional food market has really become a very competitive market. Customers always expect products with higher perfection than existing products. However, developing and launching new products is extremely expensive and not all products are competitive enough to last long in the market.

The secret to success in the functional food business is “product quality – product formula”.

Nature Pharma Hoa Binh is capable of formulating, researching, preparing, testing, naming and designing product packaging, as well as resolving legal issues related to products.

Specialize research activities to improve product quality by developing specialized research and testing centers. In particular, Nature Pharma also cooperates with NOVA Institute of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry with a team of doctors, Masters, pharmacists, and engineers with good expertise to support and control the orientations in quality policy. Quality is strictly applied in each stage of the functional food research process to produce the best formulas that bring value to the product, as well as contribute to Vietnam’s medicine and pharmacy.

Above, Nature Pharma has introduced you to the advantage of exclusive formula research only at Nature Pharma, to better understand the topic related to Nature Pharma’s exclusive formula research, customers please back to this page:


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