Product registration process at Nature Pharma Hoa Binh

The current market trend is favoring the lines of dietary supplements and health foods. However, not all products are guaranteed to be healthy or safe before being circulated on the market. Therefore, a product registration certificate is required. Join Nature Pharma to learn about the product announcement registration process through the article below!

Benefits of registering to publish products at Nature Pharma

Registering for product announcement will help consumers feel more secure about product quality. Since then, affirming the reputation of the brand and certifying the criteria to ensure food safety with consumers. Helps the brand to limit the risk when the Food Safety Department inspects and enforces the law, handles violations if these publication documents are missing.

Owning a product statement (TPCN) is similar to a certificate that helps to raise the brand level when customers look at and evaluate the brand’s level, as well as the use of that product. !

Procedure for registration for publication of functional foods

First, the subject or legal representative of the product will prepare all documents and declaration documents in accordance with food safety regulations, including:

Declaration of compliance with food safety regulations;
Detailed product information sheet;
Product testing results within 12 months;
Quality control results;
Results of testing the effectiveness of the product for functional foods with new uses;
Product label templates;
Completed product samples for comparison when submitting dossiers;
Information and scientific documents proving the effects of each ingredient that make up the announced function;
Quality control plan
Periodic monitoring plan.

Next is the general legal dossier including the following documents:

Business registration certificate with food business lines;
Certificate of establishment meeting food safety conditions, for importers subject to the issuance of a certificate of establishment meeting food safety conditions by the WHO Ministry of Health;
Certificate of conformity with HACCP or ISO 22000 standards or equivalent in case organizations or individuals producing products have a quality management system certified in accordance with HACCP or ISO 22000 or equivalent.

Hopefully through this article, Nature Pharma has been able to fully explain the product announcement paper, if you see too many papers that you have to worry about, you can rest assured and focus your best. in the development of their own product brand business. As for the support of product publication records, let Nature Pharma Hoa Binh take care of it!!!



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